Story So Far

The International Association of Inclusive Practitioners was born from a variety of relationships and networks that Daniel and Louise had across the world. Their on the ground experiences and contacts across the world demonstrated a need for :

  • access to a professional network

  • access to quality and accredited training

  • access to international quality resources

  • access to international good practice

  • access to support with identification

  • access to guidance and support for advocacy at student level through to government level

Daniel and Louise hosted the first 'Country Directors' meeting March 2021 with representatives from over 50 countries.

In April 2021, they launched the

In september 2021, the Website was launched

In October/November 2021 the inaugural 'International Festival of Inclusion' launched

If you would like access to all of the above, would like access to hundreds of topical videos, training, resources and professionals across the world sign up and join the Association.