Inclusion Network ME

Network to Empower through Training and Webinars, providing Opportunities to build Relationships and grow Knowledge.

Catherine O'Farrell, Suzie Hachez and myself were part of an amazing group of people who created Duabi SENCo Network in 20??. William, Hanah, Rachel, Emma, Lynne, Catherine, Suzie, Louise all working hard to help each of us through the overseas SENCo world.

In 2017, we moved to a larger audience of the Dubai Inclusion Network. Due to our success in bringing people together we atttempted to become licensed at the request of the Authorities. During this process, the Pandemic hit, and so we disbanded.

But, like the Phoenix, we rose from the ashes and formed an online support group reaching a wider audience across the Middle East with regular webinars hosted by us, but including many professionals along the way.

Please find out more about the Inclusion Network ME on our website.