For Parents

Welcome to my page for Parents and Caregivers. It is a pleasure to welcome you here.

If you have landed here it is because you know of me, or have been recommended by another.

So welcome and thank you for sharing you time with me.

If you have read the About Me page, you will already know the journey that I have been on personally. Through that journey I was often left feeling alone, confused, angry, sad, and without direction.

Should I do Occupational Therapy or Speech and Language?

What is an Educational Psychologist?

How do make the right decisions for my child?

Why is there so much jargon and language that I do not understand?

Why does no one just stop and hear me!

Well that is what I would like to offer you. A free, no strings consultation for one hour.

Face to face or by Zoom/Teams/Meets.

With or without your child.

I do not wish to profit from your anxiety or your child's experience. Having been 'in the trade' for 22 years as a parent and educatior I know that I can answer many of your questions and put you back on the road.

You may be at the beginning of your journey, in the middle, or trying to navigate exams.

It would be an honour to help you.

Please see some testimonials from parents below; and if you would like to contact them directly they would be happy to hear from you.


(If you would like to speak to any of these parents please let me know. Names are removed to protect the dignity of the children)

27 Feb 21 - UK - Teleconsutation - Support and Letter to School (Year 2)(UK:GG)
You are amazing at what you do. I can't thank you enough for your help, support and kind words. They came just when I neededit. When no one was listening to me you did and you have made other people listen too. Knowing I can reach out to somone on the hard days makes the though of them so much easier to cope with. (Student) had a great first day at school. She was upset when I dropped her off but there was someone there to greet her. Mrs (SENCo) called me within 15 minutes to to let me know she was ok. Her attitude towards me has changed almost like she has a new respect and that's down to you!

03 Jan 21 - UAE - Parent leaving Dubai - Student with high need medical (Year 13) (JC:AO)

I just wanted to write a separate email to thank you for everything you have done to help (student) and our family. Your initial phone call to me just after (student)'s diagnosis made a big difference during such a fraught time. Thank you!

17 Sep 20 - UAE - Parent of Year 3 child - Unidentified but struggling (JC:JE)

My son was straggling academically for 2 years and I frequently received emails from his school to inform me that he doesn’t listen, doesn’t complete his tasks but without offering me any solution. The school then decided to conduct a test on him when he turned 6 which resulted in him having a low IQ but again with no solution. As a parent, this has been very difficult on me emotionally and not knowing what to do made it even harder. I reached out to Louise, following someone’s advice, who was highly empathetic, listened to my story and then asked the right questions that helped shed some light on the situation. Louise found the low IQ test questionable and advised me to seek the advice of an educational psychologist. Following my son’s assessment, he was found to be highly intelligent with ADHD inattentive. He was then recommended some therapy sessions which have helped a lot and I am so happy to start seeing improvements on his focus/listening skills. I remain ever so grateful to Louise for pointing me in the right direction and ultimately helping my child get the best opportunity.

Aug 20 - UAE - Parent of Year 2 child - Unidentified but struggling (JC:MA)

‘It is a privilege to know Louise. She has helped my family enormously. Our son, with her help, has been diagnosed as a child of determination. Her knowledge, her advice, her care and her patience are unparalleled; she helped my young son when his situation seemed to be enormously complex, to the point that my husband and I didn’t know how to begin resolving it. She has made the process as pain free as possible and knowing that we have her support and her understanding makes our journey all the easier.’

cademic life.